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The Capacitors

condensatore elettrolitico ad alta capacitIn the LYM1.0T, we have two types of capacitor.

The first type, high-capacity electrolytic (10000μF), is placed at the output of the post-regulator. The correct sizing of this component provides an energy reserve for the power stage of the power amplifier (better dynamics). This capacitor also allows you to avoid any external power failure due, for example, to the length of the power cable and/or contact resistance of the power connector.
Even an inadequate sizing of the external power supply can cause failure which, if contained, can be compensated for by theinsertion of this large capacitor.
The quality of power supply allows thedynamic capabilities of the TA2024C chip to be taken advantage of.
condensatori in propilene metallizzato
A second type of capacitor has been used at the input of the TA2024C chip, after the volume circuit. This capacitor is necessary to electrically decouple the input circuit of the chip. from the
sound source The high quality of this capacitor (metalized polypropylene), has allowed us to significantly reduce both the noise and the harmonic distortion which is normally produced by the presence of this necessary decoupling element.