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The Chip: Tripath TA2024C

chip triparth ta2024cThe LYM1.0T is based on the Tripath chip TA2024C. It's a chip with amazing performance, the object of attention of many audiophiles, even those diehards.

LymAudio has invested time and money searching for the best reproduction of the TA2024. The final choice fell on TA2024C produced in a magnificent golden robe across both legs Tab and the bottom (heat slug) for the dissipation heat (there are very few components that receive this high-quality treatment). Not that gold is an fundamental element to the functioning of the device, but if you allowed, shows a clear intention to make things right.

The TA2024C represents a refinement of previous TA2024 and TA2024B, it was the annoying clikpop improved, that occurs at power on and off amplifier, a characteristic of its predecessors.
It was improved the efficiency (90% vs. 88%) and also power is changed, 14V against 13.2V of their predecessors.These changes cause an improvement in terms of audio playback and, last but not least, a small increase of acoustic power.