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chip triparth ta2024c

The chip: Tripath TA2024C

The LYM1.0T is based on the Tripath chip TA2024C. It's a chip with amazing performance, the object of attention of many audiophiles around the world.
LymAudio has invested time and money searching for...

regolatore di tensione stabilizzato

Internal Voltage Regulator Stabilized

In an audio amplifier, the power supply circuit is what requires larger space and distance from the circuit amplification. The best solution is to move the power supply away...

filtri doppio stadio

Two Stages Output Filter

In all class D amplifiers, on the output to the speakers, a low pass filter must be used for extracts the audio information (analogue) from the PWM signal (digital). The accuracy and quality of sound reproduction depends...

condensatore elettrolitico ad alta capacit

The Capacitors

In the LYM1.0T, we have two types of capacitor.
The first type, high-capacity electrolytic (10000µF), is placed at the output of the post-regulator. The correct sizing...

ol led di overload

"OL": Overload Indicator

The lighting up of the Overload indicator identifies the introduction of distortions into the music playback. These distortions mainly depend on the output signal amplitude in relation to...

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