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Internal Voltage Regulator stabilized

regolatore di tensione stabilizzatoIn an audio amplifier, the power supply circuit is what requires larger space and distance from the circuit amplification. The best solution is to move the power supply away from the audio amplifier. This reduces the classical electromagnetic interference and some problems related to its heat dissipation.

Unfortunately, this leads to an increase in production costs largely due to the construction of a second device that is separate from the amplifier. However, it is important to choose the type of power supply: linear or switching. In the first case you will have a supply of superior quality but at a higher cost.
Instead, using a switching power supply will cost less but it will have lower quality due to the classic ripple generated by the high-frequency switching of the active components.

In the LYM1.0T, we have opted for a circuit solution that allows you to use a switching power supply without sacrificing the benefits of a linear power supply, because in the LYM1.0T we have implemented a post-regulator that eliminates the inevitable ripple and stabilizes the voltage at the optimum value of 13.68 V.
Thanks to the stabilized post-regulator, you can feed LYM1.0T with any power supply with an output of 16/19 Vdc and deliver a current of at least 2.5A.

A diode, placed immediately after the power connector, protects the amplifier from inadvertent reversals of polarity. The icon placed above the power connector indicates the correct polarity and voltage range allowed. The user can then use a simple power supply for notebooks (probably already in their possession), and thus avoid further unnecessary additional costs.