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About Us

LYM AUDIO is the brand of Lysis-May S.r.l., a company that develops electronic and electromechanical systems. It was born from the passion of professionals who have worked in the civil, industrial and military electronics industry for over 30 years.

LYM AUDIO is the brand in which we gather all our knowledge to put them at the service of the world of High Fidelity. In our own way we distinguish ourselves from traditional Hi-Fi , very often linked to stereotypes and marketing strategies rather than to technology development. In fact, even today, many companies still use many THT components (Throught-Hole) for the manufacture of them audio products.This type of components necessarily requires a manual assembly which, in our opinion, does not fulfill the criteria of quality and repeatability that every electronic Hi-Fi deserves. An amplifier is a very delicate and sensitive machine in which, the project and its implementation, must be linked to a perfect repeatability and the maximum reduction of human error.

Our company designs its electronics using, where is possible, SMD (Surface Mount Device) intended only for automatic assembly. Just to this type of products is intended the strong electronic development. In fact, computers, mobile phones and all the latest electronic products using SMD components smaller and with even better performance; if it were not so we would still have computers as big as a room! Why not keep up with the times?

Although the use of good components and the latest manufacturing techniques are a good starting point, you need to be aware that they alone are not enough.
What is needed is a project that knows how to maximize the material used. We work every day to achieve this goal.

LYM AUDIO provides you with all the information on the technologies used in its products. We hope that our commitment will transmit to you Audiophiles, care, love and attention that we put into them.