LYM 1.0T PHONO: integrated Class T amplifier with MM Phono Input 

Recensione Threshold LoversIn this version of the 1.0T Lym we replaced the input LINE 2 with the PHONO input.
Inside the card has been in fact housed a small printed circuit board with two layers where the second layer was used for electromagnetic shielding (same technique used all over the Lym). This circuit acts as a RIAA equalization (Recording Industry Association of America) suitable for MM type cartridges for playing vinyl records.

red fingerprintmodulo phonoThe equalization system is passive (without feedback) type much loved by most demanding audiophiles.
For the realization RIAA EQ has been used, for the coupling between the output of the module and the input of the power amplifier, a "Servo Amplifier". This solution has allowed to improve the response of the circuit particularly at low frequencies. 


We powered the Tripath Chip TA 2024C at 14V getting more power and more dynamic. Thanks to the wide surface of dissipation (metallization on the PCB) the operating temperature of the chip is maintained at optimal values.

nuovo filtro a doppio stadioNEW DOUBLE STAGES OUTPUT FILTER 

Thanks to the excellent new inductances used for the 1st stage output filter, the harmonic distortion is decreased to levels invaluable to the benefit of a better acoustic precision.


Even the response curve has benefited from further improvements.
Now the LYM is able to give a better musical detail recreating a large stage in which the tools are more focused and the music flows naturally, just like a li