Lym 1.1TF - Power Amplifier 

Version 1.1 TF is the flagship of the electronic series 1: audiophile amplifiers that use the famous chip Triparth 2024C.

n°2 amplifiers in bi-amplificationParticular care has been taken even in the aesthetics of the front panel: the inscriptions are not sterigrafate but engraved directly in the aluminum.
The potentiometer gives way to the logo, now in the center position. 

The LYM 1.1 TF is a POWER AMPLIFIER contains two major improvements that affect the two-stage output filter and the chip Triparth 2024C.

The power remains at its highest, 14V, as for the versions Upgraded and PHONO.

Two stages output filter - New configuration

Two stages output filter (Wurth Coils)Starting by the excellent configuration of the award-winning LYM 1.0 T Upgraded , we have changed the nature of the 2nd stage using coils screens (the same used on the first stage) with lower resistive values. This choice has enabled a further lowering of the distortions produced and consequently an improvement in the sound quality.

The Lym 1.1 TF returns a fuller bass, a thicker sound, stable, linear, while maintaining accuracy and sophistication difficult to equal.

The fatigue of listening is nothing and the musicality of this integrated small amplifier will keep you glued to your chair for hours and hours of exciting listening.


The Power Amplifier Lym 1.1 TF is born to work in conditions of high stress, both alone and in bi-amplification.
Heat Sink

The heat sink, in addition to the excellent copper plane stayed all over the printed circuit board (solution already present on all previous products), further lowers the working temperature of the chip and allows to the internals MOSFET to work in optimal conditions.

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