Lym 1.0T: Integrated Class D Amplifier


The Lym 1.0T is designed to satisfy the audience of fans of the famous Tripath Chip TA2024C.

For years, many manufacturers have tried to create a circuit board that would express the full potential of the Chip.

Lym Audio chose to get involved challenging a multitude of products on the market today.

The Lym 1.0T is designed according to standards of highest level, starting with the construction method to the choice of electronic components and their location within the Lym case.
Here are some of the technologies used in the construction of the LYM 1.0T:scheda lym 1.0 t - 600

- Filter attenuation band: originally the Tripath TA2024C chip has an emphasis of mid-high frequencies for 8 ohm loads (see page n°7 on the Tripath datasheet "Frequency Response").
Following prolonged listening tests we found that this emphasis can transmit to the listener a feeling of "artificial", angular and long fatiguing. This was the reason that led us to slightly blunt this primary emphasis to the advantage of better overall musicality.

- Sequencer MUTE and SLEEP signal for the suppression of the typical Turn-on & Turn-off pop.

- Signal ski screens through the circuit board.

- Power supply section screen and a separate.

- Overload LED for distortion-free listening.

- Two-stage filter for a perfect reconstruction of the analog signal.

- Report of Short-circuit protection intervention.

- Report of the protection against over-temperature.

- Ample Heatsink through metallization on the PCB.

- Internal voltage regulator stabilized: within the LYM 1.0T was implemented a voltage regulator that eliminates the inevitable ripple caused by switching power supplies, and stabilizes the internal stress leading to an optimal value constant. This solution, combined with a 10000 uF capacitor, provides a large reserve of power that allows the chip to make the most of its quality.

This results in:

- Improvement of the dynamics.

- Deep and controlled bass.

- Large drive capability to match speakers with an impedance of 4Ω and 89db sensitivity.

The Post-stabilized linear regulator also allows you to connect your amplifier usiang a regular notebook power supply (16/19 VDC with a minimum 2.5A. jack 5.5x2.5mm) maybe already in your possession.

It is strongly recommended to NOT use external power supplies with different values from those provided as it would hinder the right operation of the voltage regulator and, consequently, of the chip.